50% off DVDWalt Disney’s Aladdin Trilogy DVD Set 3 Movie Collection

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50% off DVDWalt Disney’s Aladdin Trilogy DVD Set 3 Movie Collection

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 Includes all 3 Movies for only $32.99!

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We now have in stock the Aladdin Trilogy on DVD. This set includes all 3 Aladdin movies for one low price. Enjoy every moment of Aladdin from the first movie to the last in this Aladdin trilogy dvd box set. The set includes Aladdin, Aladdin Return of Jafar, and Aladdin and the King of Thieves. This Aladdin dvd is for sale for a limited time so act now. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is Aladdin on DVD?

All 3 of the original animated Aladdin DVDs are available on DVD. We actually sell all 3 of the animated movies for only $32.99. The newest Aladdin movie with real people was released on DVD on September 10, 2019. 


Is Aladdin a prince?

Although Aladdin was made a prince by the Genie that title was taken away by Jafar using his magic. Rather than wishing to become a prince again Aladdin used his final wish to release the Genie from the lamp thereby not becoming a prince again. 

At the end of the third animated movie, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Aladdin and Jasmine get married so since Jasmine was a princess than at that point Aladdin would have finally become a prince


Is Aladdin vaulted?

There is a common misconception with the ??Disney vault??. Many people seem to think it is an actual vault where all of the movies are put in and out at different intervals. This really isn??t how it works. 

Basically Disney re-releases each movie every few years and says that it is released from ??the vault??. While the movie is ??in the vault?? it doesn??t magically become unavailable to purchase. There will still be many copies available that are in warehouses etc. that won??t be sold out until months or years later. 

When a movie is ??in the vault?? it just means that more aren??t currently being manufactured and that the current ones that are available for sale are from the last time it was released by Disney. 


When does the original Aladdin come out on DVD?

We currently have all 3 of the original Aladdin animated movies available for purchase on DVD. They are in stock at our warehouses in the USA and can be at your door in just 3-4 days! 


Was Speechless in the original Aladdin?

The song Speechless is a recent song that was in the new remake of Aladdin. The song does not appear in the original animated movie that was released by Disney. The song was written specifically for Jasmine??s character to sing in the new movie. 


Is Aladdin Arabian?

There is much debate to the ethnicity of Aladdin as well as where the movie is actually intended to take place. Because of the song Arabian Nights many people believe that Aladdin is Arabian. The movie was originally intended to be set with the capital being Baghdad in Iraq but because of a war they didn??t feel that would go over well so they changed the name to Agrabah. 

The palace was based off the Taj Mahal so the story has some inspirations from all over the place. So back to the original question?? unfortunately no one really knows the ethnicity of Aladdin since the story is fictional. 


Is Aladdin historically accurate?

The story of Aladdin is a work of fiction, although some of the locations in Aladdin are based around the Middle East as well as India and other places it really isn??t a historically accurate story. Of course the fact that it includes a magic Genie kind of takes away the possibility of it  being real. 


Are Aladdin and Jasmine married?

Aladdin and Jasmine don??t get married in the original animated movie however they do get married in the third movie, Aladdin and the King of Thieves. In the new remake of Aladdin they do show Aladdin and Jasmine getting married in that movie. Whenever it takes place they do end up getting married in the movies. 


Where can I find the original Aladdin?

We have all 3 movies from the original Aladdin series currently available on DVD. They are in stock at our warehouses in the USA and can be shipped to you in just a few short days. The original Aladdin movies are all animated and were released in 1.992, 1.994, and 1.996. 


Why is Aladdin the diamond in the rough?

This is an often asked question as Aladdin certainly doesn??t seem to have much going for him including stealing multiple times in the first few minutes of the movie. Why would Aladdin be considered a diamond in the rough?

Of course this is just one of the theories out there but many people believe it is because he is so kind and helpful despite his upbringing and having literally nothing. 

He literally gives away the food he has just stolen to starving children in the original movie. When you are starving and living on the street to give away the food you just risked your life for takes a special kind of person.

Although he makes many mistakes in each of the movies the one underlying theme is that he is trying to do his best to help the people around him and is often willing to risk his neck to help people who he barely knows. 

Was Dalia in the original Aladdin?

Dalia is one of the new additions to the Aladdin franchise that appears in the new remake of the movie. She is not mentioned nor does she appear in the original animated movie. 


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