50% off DVDStar Wars: The Clone Wars DVD Seasons 1-7 Set

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50% off DVDStar Wars: The Clone Wars DVD Seasons 1-7 Set

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Star Wars: Clone Wars premiered on Cartoon Network in 2008. The show combines the Star Wars universe with state of the art computer animation. The series introduces a new generation to Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padm?? Amidala. The fate of the Star Wars universe rests in the hands of the Jedi Knights. 




Commonly Asked Questions:

Why is Clone Wars animated?

There has not been an offical answer as to why they created an animated star wars TV series. Most experts believe they made it animated to draw in a new generation of Star Wars fans so that they could continue to grow the franchise for many years to come. 

Is Clone Wars canon?

Yes, Clone Wars is considered to be canon since it had direct input from George Lucus. The clone wars series from 2003 is not considered to be canon and neither are the books around the Clone wars considered canon. 

Is Clone Wars any good?

As with any tv show each person will have their own opinion on a show but generally the Clone Wars is considered to be a good series. Many people of all ages say they enjoy the series as the animation is very good as is the storyline for the series. 

Is Star Wars the Clone Wars for kids?

The first two seasons are a little more geared towards children but seasons 3-6 are all really excellent for all ages. The animation and storyline is good throughout the series but the show really “grows up” beginning in season 3. 

What is Clone Wars the Lost Missions?

Clone Wars the lost missions is considered to be the season six of the tv series. They were originally going to make a 22 episode season but when the show was discontinued by Cartoon Network they released the 13 episodes as the Lost Missions. 

Season 6 consists of 4 different storylines which covers how order 66 was planned, Padme and Rush’s relationship, Jar Jar Binks, and thentying up some loose ends in the franchise. Even though season 6 was only 13 episodes it certinaly helped wrap up some of the series. 

Is Clone Wars better than Rebels?

Star Wars Rebels focuses on the different groups of people in the Star Wars universe while Clone Wars focuses on a large variety of different characters and planets that aren’t seen or expounded on in the movies. Most people think Clone Wars is a better series than Rebels but both are entertaining and will be enjoyed by most every Star Wars fans. 

Where does Clone Wars fit in?

The Clone Wars series is set between the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith movies and of course happens in the Star Wars universe. The clone wars covers a three year war that was fought to keep the different planatary systems from leaving the Galatic Republic. 

Why is Clone Wars not in order?

There are many different theories why the Star Wars franchise is out of order and that extends into the Clone Wars series. The reason that most people hold to is that the reason they are out of order is the writers went back and filled in plot holes after the fact. Often writers will only write a few episodes of a show at a time so things can get left out and the bridges between different episodes can get lost. Rather than not bridging those gaps in Clone Wars they instead made those bridge episodes just at different times in the series. 

What age rating is Clone Wars?

Most companies rate the Clone Wars series as TV-Y7 which means it is recommended for children 7 years old and up. There are some sexual inuendos and violence in the series but there is nothing that would be too offensive to children above the age of 7-8.

Younger children could watch the show but they would probably ahve difficulties in following the storyline and there might be some scenes that are upsetting to younger audiences. 

Who won the Clone Wars?

There was never a winner of the Clone Wars because of the Droid Shutdown Command. Many people belive that the Seperatists would have won as it is mentioned in Star Wars Rebels that the Seperatists droids outnumbered the Republic’s by a significant amount. There are other people that hypothetize that the Republic would have won because of their strategic command as well as good planning. Unfortunately, we will never know who really would have won the Clone Wars. 

What happened to the clones after the Clone Wars?

The clones aged at twice the normal rate so after the Clone Wars was over most of them were obsolete. They remained Storm Troopers for a short time until they were phased out and replaced by real people that didn’t age as quickly. Some clones remained as Stormtroopers while others removed their chips and retired to remote planets. 

Which season of Clone Wars is the best?

Choosing which season is the best in the show is obviously subjective but almost everyone agrees that seasons 3 through 6 are far better than the first 2 seasons. As the series went on the storylines as well as animation got better and better with many people saying season 6 was by far the best. With season 7 being released on Disney+ the real question is will the final season be the best of all?

Does Darth Maul die in the Clone Wars?

Most people assume that Darth Maul was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi when he cut him in half, however the Clone Wars series reveals that Darth Maul is still alive and looking for revenge. In Star Wars Rebels (which Maul plays a large part in) Darth Maul is eventually killed by Obi-Wan in the year 2 BBY. 


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